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Easter Cupcakes

2 Jun

Prompt: Easter

Sean sat back nursing a beer as he watched his wife run around the house. He mentally compared her to a chicken with its head cut off, but he wouldn’t tell her that since he valued his life. Actually, he shouldn’t say anything at all now if he valued it.

“Does it look okay? It’s not much, but it’s clean.” Michelle started rambling as she frantically looked for something out of place.

“Honey! It’s just my parents!”

“But we’re hosting our first Easter dinner!”

“It all looks and smells good, you can calm down!”

“Okay. Fluff that pillow behind you.”


I love holidays, especially when it requires baking! My mom’s family always gets together for Easter, so I decided to make
some cupcakes of course! I got an instant vision: grass. While walking around Bulk Barn I found some great chocolate eggs and a new frosting tip to make my vision possible. I used my usual chocolate cake recipe and butter cream icing (links
found on Halloween post). They turned out exactly how I wanted!


Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

2 Jun

Prompt: Peanut Butter

“Michelle, stop. You have been fidgeting since I picked you up twenty minutes ago. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong per say. It’s just… we are going to be eating a lot of peanut butter sandwiches for the next little bit!”

Sean looked worriedly at his wife while stopped at the light.

“Why? What’s wrong? Did something happen at work?”

“No… nothing is wrong with my job” Michelle said slowly. “It’s just money might be a little tight for a bit.”

“Michelle” Sean said cautiously, “what did you do?”

“The Jimmy Choo’s were calling to me Sean, I had to buy them!”


I made these cupcakes last summer at my cottage. I really wanted something peanut buttery, but smothered in chocolate. I had limited supplies, and I couldn’t find what I wanted. So I used a basic peanut butter recipe and added in my own chocolate flair. I put half the batter into the liners, and then put some chocolate chips into the middle. I then added the rest of the batter. After they were baked I added some simple chocolate ganache, just more chocolate chips with some butter. They were perfect, exactly what I envisioned! I would recommend eating them that day, so the chocolate inside stays soft! Make sure you don’t over bake the cupcakes so it isn’t dried out, as some peanut butter desserts do.

Peanut Butter Cupcake recipe here (cupcake #17).