Homemade Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

26 May

Prompt: Cookie

Sean arrived home from work to find the small house filling up with smoke

He started frantically looking for his wife, Michelle, calling out her name.

Soon he heard Michelle tearfully yell back that she was in the kitchen.

Terrified, Sean ran towards Michelle to find her sitting on the ground, crying into an oven mitt, with smoke coming from a baking sheet on the top of the oven.

“Michelle? What’s wrong?” Michelle just continued to cry. “You’re worrying me, are you hurt?”

She sobbed even harder, pointed to the smoking baking sheet and said “I burnt the cookies!”

A great summer snack is ice cream sandwiches. Because I had some tubes of cookie dough in my house I decided to make a few cookies and make my own! I flattened and shaped the cookies into circles before I baked them, so it would be easier to make the sandwiches. Enjoy!


One Response to “Homemade Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches”

  1. Chris May 26, 2011 at 8:45 pm #

    You’re baking up a storm these days! =D

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