Flourless Chocolate Cake

26 May

Prompt: Flour

When Michelle cried out in surprise Sean rushed into see his now white kitchen and a flour covered wife.

Michelle glared at her laughing husband.

It’s not funny! The flour bag exploded! And how I can’t bake a cake.”

That sobered Sean up. “No cake?!”

“No cake.” Michelle repeated. “It’s going to take hours to clean up all this flours. It’s everywhere! I think some went up my nose!!”

“I’ll help you clean up. Then… cake?!”

“No! We have to clean! Well, maybe if we’re fast I’ll make a flourless cake.”

The cake was baking two hours later.


I made a delicious flourless chocolate cake a little while ago. It was scrumptious! It is like a dense, chewy brownie.

You have to make sure you grease and flour (or cocoa) your pan well because the cake crumbles very easily.

I sprinkled some icing sugar on top and drew a heart in it, but you could decorate it however. Icing, fruit, plain, whatever you want!

This is a really easy and fast recipe, but it is really really delicious!

Pictures and link to the recipe below.

Recipe from AllRecipes.com here.


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