20 Dec

Prompt: Ramakin

“Hey babe, can you come into the kitchen for a minute, I need some help here” Michelle called out to her husband Sean.

Sean agreed and slowly walked into the kitchen.

“Can you hand me a ramekin?” Michelle asked.

“Rama- what? What are you talking about?”

“Ramekin. It’s a little white bowl thing? We have 4 of them over in the cupboard.”

“Oh. Which cupboard are they in?”

“They’re in the second one from the right.”

“Gotcha. Is this a rama-thingy?” Sean asked as he showed her a bowl.

“No. Beside those bowls.”

“Okay. What are they for?”

“Dessert! Pizzookies”


I have been very busy in the last few weeks at school, but now it is the holiday break, so I have more time to bake and blog!

Now this recipe? It is AMAZING! It is super simple and amazingly delicious! A few of you have commented on other posts that my baking looks like a lot of work (which it is!), but this one is no work at all! It takes about 25 minutes in total to make it, and it takes about 5 minutes to eat it!

When my sister sent me the link to the recipe, we both were thinking the same thing. “How on earth have we not made this before?!” A few days later, I was making it for the first time, so I sent my sister a message, telling her it was about to go in the oven, when she informed me that her’s was already in it. Great minds certainly think alike!

Okay, I could go on and on, telling you how awesome this recipe is, or I could give it to you guys! Now, I know that my first thought when I saw what it was called was some sort of pizza cookie, but it definitely isn’t that! Oh, and don’t continue reading this if you are on a diet, or have already had sweets today!!

(Originally found here)


  • Chocolate Chip Cookie dough (I just used the store bought tubes, but if you really want, you can make some dough yourself. It would then take much longer then 25 mins, but they taste just as good!)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Sauces- caramel and chocolate

Now, I went out to Dollarama and I bought ramekins. They were two for $1.25, and I got two of those packages. They are totally worth it. If you have ramekins, thats great. But if you don’t, you can still use muffin tins, but it would be a little awkward to eat them.

Turn on your oven first to 350*, as it takes no time to get it ready to go in. I always have to wait for my oven with this recipe!

So fill your ramekins or muffin tins about half way full. I did more then that the first time, and it ended up being too much for me! Now, I pat my cookie dough down, but the original doesn’t, so I don’t think it matters.

Now you can just pop that baby into the oven (once it is ready, not before) for around 12, 14 minutes, or until it is golden brown around the outside.

Now, it’s the hardest but most important part. Leave it. Yup, walk away for 5 minutes. Maybe run or do something to start to burn off how many calories this gives you!

After these horrible 5 minutes, you can come back. The middle should’ve sunken in. Like this:

It is now ready for the ice cream. But first, dear readers, I have a confession to make. My family is a big, chocolate loving family. We don’t buy vanilla ice cream. But the first time I made this, we did have this:


I thought it was perfect! It was kind of vanilla based, it had chocolate and caramel swirls, and BONUS, brownie chunks with my half baked cookie.  Now here comes the confession. It was tooooo sweet! I know, I almost feel ashamed! I had to give the last third to my brother to finish. So if it was too sweet for me, the sweet queen, then only make it this way if you are sharing with many people! Here is a picture though, freshly scooped and a minute or two later, so its a little melty!


So the next time I was at the grocery store with my mother, we bought more tubes of chocolate chip cookie dough, and vanilla ice cream. I then found some caramel sauce in our fridge and some chocolate sauce, and bam. Deliciousness!!

It is just soooo good! It’s warm and gooey and a little crunchy with coldness from the ice cream! It’s just… yummy!

Now, I feel like I need to issue some warnings! Eat it slowly. Don’t pay attention to the melting ice cream, slow it down! It will give you a little tummy ache anyways, so don’t make it worse by eating it fast! Feel free to share it with a loved one as well! And make sure you have a drink beside you, either water or milk is a good choice!

Enjoy, and have a good and safe holiday! And remember: Tis the season to be baking!

Until next time,


One Response to “Pizzookies”

  1. Maggie December 20, 2010 at 5:50 pm #

    Un-freaking-believable recipe… Half baked chocolate chip cookie dough and ice cream, what could be better? Although maybe the name could be less misleading!! I still can’t believe we were baking them at the same time, hilarious!
    I know, I can’t believe the chocolate ice cream was too much even for you! Psst- You never have vanilla in the house because I don’t live there anymore!! Haha!
    Ps. For anyone going to make this, try the no name cookie dough in the yellow tube. It’s amazing stuff.

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